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13 Most Interesting Places to Visit around Dandeli

Dandeli is situated on the riverbanks of Kali river. Dandeli falls in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, which has an interesting culture, drawing influences from both Karnataka and Maharashtra. 

Herae are some of the most interesting places to visit in and around Dandeli.

01 Kavala Cave

Kavala caves is a marvel of the nature located in the heart of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.Kavala Caves are limestone caves located 25 km away from the base camp at Dandeli. Kavala caves are situated on the face of one of the mountains in the heart of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. These caves are very tiny in dimension and an interesting way to enter them, after climbing down 375 steps one reaches the Cave entrance, and then has to crawl 40 ft deep through winding and have a lot of stalagmite formations. There is a particular huge stalagmite, which is revered by the local people as a Shivling. A temple stands in front of the caves. The naturally formed Shivalinga is a miracle of nature and should not be missed.The trek to this place is also something to look forward to.

Best Time to visit: October to March, best during Maha Shivaratri.
Entry Fees: Free Entry
Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: 25 kms.

02 Syntheri Rocks

Deep inside Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary stands a 300 ft tall granite monolith on the bank of river Kaneri. Erosion has resulted in large number of nooks and cracks and is a home for rock bees and pigeons.

It takes about an hour to reach by jeep and is located 30km away from Dandeli. It is named after an English lady called Ms. Cinthera who is believed to have discovered this place in the 20th century.

A flight of 200 odd steps downwards lead you to the base where the river flows and you get to see a giant rock formation from the bottom. Syntheri really rocks, with its 300-ft tall monolith granite on the banks of Kaneri river (a tributary of Kali river).

A gushing waterfall adds to the fierce beauty of this place. The entrance to the area is from the main road with a nominal entry fees charged and the smaller vehicles are let into up to the designated parking area from where you need to climb down the steps to reach the base.The steps are big and nicely placed and railings on each side do not allow you to wander.

Along the side, small concrete towers are erected and on each tower you get to see different kinds of sample rocks cemented with useful information provided on each of them as to what they are and what they constitute of – a true geologist’s paradise.

Best Time to visit: October to March is Ideal, however can visit any time.
Entry Fees: Rs.20/- per person [Need permission from Forest Department.]
Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: 30 kms.

03 Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary which was authorised as a sanctuary on 10th May 1956 is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka with an area of 475 sq.km and was designated as a tiger reserve in 2007. With this Karnataka now has 4 Project Tiger sanctuaries.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and the adjoining Anshi National Park have been granted the special status of Project Tiger. The Dandeli sanctuary and the Anshi National Park together have around 40 tigers. The Dandeli Project Tiger (inclusive of Anshi) spreads over 825 sq.km., and along with the Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary of Goa covers an area of over 2,000 sq.km.

The sanctuary is most undulating with some steep slopes, swaying bamboo, deep river valleys and hilly terrain. The river Kali and its tributaries, Kaneri and Nagajhari, meander through the forest.

Best Time to visit: Throughout the year, Every Day between 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Entry Fees: Rs.40/- per person
Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: 13 kms.

04 Shiroli Peak

It is the highest point in Uttara Kannada district. Also called as Sunset Viewpoint, offers fantastic view of the peaks of Western Ghats. This is located 25Km from Dandeli within Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Upon reaching Shiroli Peak, tourists would get the chance to view beautiful Sahyadri Range.

Being the highest point in the Uttara Kannada Region, Shiroli Peak is popular among trekkers. This peak is also known as the sunset view point from where tourists can see Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Western Ghats. Tourists can only enter in the region after taking consent from the forest department.The majestic Western Ghats are also visible from the Shiroli Peak.

Best Time to visit: Throughout the year
Entry Fees: Free entry [Needs permission from Forest Department]
Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: 25 kms.

05 Molangi

If the outdoors is what excites you, then Molangi is the place to be! A spot of indelible beauty, Molangi has God’s signature all over it. Situated at a point amidst dense bamboo thickets where the River Kali passes between steep slopes and rock formations, Molangi makes a perfect hideout for campers.

Best Time to visit: October to March
Entry Fees: Free entry
Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: 7 kms

06 Satodi Falls

Satoddi Falls is a waterfall that is formed by several unnamed streams near Kallaramarane Ghat, Uttara Kannada District, near Sirsi, and 32 km from Yellapur. It falls from about 15 meters (49.2 feet) to create a picturesque waterfall and then joins the backwaters of Kodasalli dam built across Kali River.

It is best to visit the falls in winter, from early November to the end of march. Avoid the rainy season, when hostile terrain and blood-sucking leeches and slippery rocks make these falls inaccessible.

Best Time to visit: November to April
Entry Fees: Rs. 5 per person
Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: 34 kms

07 Magod Falls

Magod Falls is a group of waterfalls in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka, India, where the river Bedti (also called as Gangavalli) falls from a height of nearly 200m in two steps. this is a very impressive and scenic waterfall set in a very lush and wild landscape deep in Karnataka State.

Best Time to visit: October, November, December and January
Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: 95 kms

08 Dandakaranya Park

Recently developed by department of forests, Dandakaranya park is one of the best tourist spot in Dandeli making its own unique in its structure and specially for Children.

Dandakaranya Eco Park is one of the best place to enjoy with your loved ones, it features famous statues of Hollywood characters and Indian cartoons. It is a theme partk attracting most of the children having their loving cartoon character come alive like Avengers, Transformers, The Simpsons, Charlie Chaplin and Indian characters like Chhota Bheem and Motu Patlu.

Best Time to visit: Through out the year, however due to nature trend it is best during the months of November, December, January, February and March
Entry Fee: Free
Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: It is just behind the Dandeli Busstand.

09 Anshi National Park

Anshi National Park is the one truely loved by wildlife enthusiast, a vist to the park will make your trip to Dandeli a memorable. It is a part of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary featuring beautiful outdoors of the Western Ghats.

Anshi National Park is termed as hte only place in Asia to spot black panther, however due to the habitat animals spotted include deer, birds like drongos, yellow footer pigeon, serpant eagle and many others, you can also spot langur, jackle.

The park even allows you to enjoy most sought activities like trekking, mountain biking, camping and safari as well.

Best Time to visit: Ideal time is November to June.
Entry Fees: Free
Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: 55 kms

10 Supa Dam

The dam is build across Kali River popularly known as “Kali Nadi” in Karnatka, it is located in Ganesh Gudi of Joida Taluk, it is one of the best place for tourits in Dandeli. The supa dam is known and famous for its hydroelectric power generation.

The dam features height of 331 feet and is opened during 1987, apart from hydroelectricity production it also provides irrigation waters to farmers based around Dandeli. The names is formed after the God of Forest called Suparulu which is surrounded by thick forest and splendid gushing of river water.

Supa Dams is the dam which is built between tow mountains which in itself is great to have a look due to which it is been one of the favourite spot for tourist.

Best Time to visit: During rainy season, i.e ideally June to December
Entry Fees: Free
Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: 25 kms

11 Ulavi Temple

The Ulavi temple is of Shri Ulavi Channabasaveshwara and is located in Ulavi, Dandeli. It is one of the famous pilgrim spot and best place for tourist in Dandeli as well. Every year a Jatra [annual fest] is held during Magha Poornima i.e February where lakhs of devotees trip to Ulavi. KSRTC rusn special Fest Buses during this time to Ulavi.

Mainly Ulavi is one of the reverntial spot of the Lingayat community, the place is basically a samadhi of Saint Channabasavanna. The temple was built orginally on the basis of Chalukya’s, however the temple is been renovated recently.

In Ulavi there are many spots which makes the trip more wonderful, there are many caves like Ulavi are Mahamane Gavi, Panchalingeshwara Cave, Vibhoothi Mantapa and Aakalu Gavi which makes it so beautiful and adventurous. There is a famous water falls which is popularly known as Kodthalli falls or better known as Channabasava Jalapatha which is around 50 feet high.

Best Time to visit: Throughout the year
Distance from Dandeli Busstop: Around 47 kms

12 Sykes Point

Sykes Point is one of the wonderful place for touris and is famous for sunset view point. The name Sykes Point is named after a British officer who found the spot during his hunting expeditions. It gives you a wonderful view of nature with a view of the mountain and river alongside.

Sykes point is situate 700 meters above the sea level with proxmity to river Kali and deep forest greenary makes it more beautiful and blissful, not only the sunset view point it also attracts adventour lovers for trekking, photographers for classic nature view photography.

However due to recent unforceen use of the place, the Forest Depart has made it mandatory to take permission before heading to the Sykes Point. If you are staying in any resort in Dandeli or home stay then the resort team will take care of the same.

Best Time to visit: October to December
Entry Fees: Free
Distance from Dandeli Busstop: 26 kms

13 Dandelappa Temple

The city Dandeli is named after the city’s God popularly known as Dandeliappa a scores of pilgris known as the most auspicious temple to visit in Dandeli. Located on the banks of river kali, the temple has been split into two parts which is been linked to a story of the landlord and a servant.

It is oldest temple in Dandeli and annual fest is held during Dasera where people of Dandeli and surrounding cities visit the temple to take the blessings of city’s God.

Best Time to visit: Throughout the year. However, ideally during navaratri dasheara.
Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: 2.5 kms

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