There are several reasons why this is an ideal vacation hot-spot. The unparalleled scenic beauty of this destination located on the banks of the Kali River is complemented by the exotic wildlife that resides in its tropical forests.

Can anything be more exhilarating than a memorable holiday in the lap of nature, while getting to indulge in an exciting adventure?

Located at a mere 125 Kms away from Goa, one of the major attractions of Dandeli is whitewater rafting in River Kali, apart from other activities such as bird-watching, nature-walks, wildlife spotting, angling, camping, sight seeing and family picnics.

Here’s some trivia about how the River Kali gets its name.

Although she is turbulent and fierce, which is a lot like the Goddess Kali, the real reason why the name is so, is the colour of the river bed.

That’s right, the Kali river bed is a rock-bed formed by manganese and iron ore. Owing to this, the aerial view appears dark or ‘Kaala’ (which means black ) and this is how she is called Kali.

If you have an adventurous spirit, White-Water Rafting, Coracle Boat Rides,River Crossing, Water Zorbing, Rappelling, and Kayaking in the Kali River will satisfy your soul. A holiday destination like no other, Dandeli has all this and more!

Here is the 5 reasons you should choose Dandeli Kali River for your rafting experience.

1 Experience the Adrenaline Rush of Grade 2 and Grade 3 Rapids

If rafting has been on your wish-list for a long time, Dandeli is THE place to fulfil it.

The feisty River Kalipacks in all the essential ingredients of the perfect adventurous getaway.

A range of high-on-adrenaline activities await you here.

The rafting stretch is 9.5 kms long and gets covered in approximately 3 hours, making the experience thrilling and unforgettable. What’s more, your quest for Class 2 and Class 3 rapids, which are generally very rare in the Southern part of India, ends at Dandeli.

Around 6 rapids during Dandeli river rafting are of grade 2 and grade 3 which are best suited to professional as well as inexperienced rafters.

Prepare to feel the ‘Rush’ while kayaking and whitewater rafting down the Kali River.

Here’s something to watch out for:

  • Please do not be under the impression that rafting is open all year round, at any time that you may choose to visit.
  • Timing is important; rafting is not permitted at all times in the Kali River at Dandeli, since the flow of water regulated by the Supa Dam upstream has to be adequate, to avoid mishaps.
  • It is a good idea hence, to make enquiries well in advance and plan your visit accordingly.

2 Indulge in Soul-searching while Witnessing Rugged Nature

Now, who would imagine a frothy, angry river as the back-drop for a serious journey inward?

Think again…

In case you are looking for a quiet time for meditation, relaxation and self-reflection, away from the madding crowd, you have the choice of simply watching the tumultuous river pounding away, from a distance.

Alternatively, grab some popcorn and consider this akin to watching an adventure themed movie ‘live’.

It can be fun watching rafters braving the rapids from a safe distance, as you indulge in your favourite snack and cosy up in the chilly climes with a hot cuppa. Leave the action for the strong-willed, since white-water rafting is surely not for the feeble-hearted!

3 Guidance of Professional Rafting Experts and Complete Focus on Safety

Safety and comfort should be priority number one and every effort to ensure this is adhered to by the Dandeli River Rafting operators.

The expert rafting guides provide a detailed briefing to the group on the basic safety instructions, precautions and contingency action plans.

Life jackets and helmets are mandatory and need to be checked by the guide before boarding the raft.

A word of caution here….

  • If it is a private operator who entices you into experiencing whitewater rafting, it would be more of daredevilry, since the stringent safety norms that are followed by government authorised operators may not be followed.
  • Be wary hence, and tread cautiously while choosing your rafting expert guides.
  • All you need to do is to make sure you seek help from government authorised rafting service providers to ensure you have access to specialized equipment and trained guides for a safe and memorable time at Dandeli.

4 Spiritual Enlightenment when Faced with Nature’s Might

After a whole lot of careful pondering on whether or not to go in for whitewater rafting, reasoning takes a back seat and initial excitement sets in once the decision is taken to go ahead.

If you are a first timer, a feeling of euphoria takes over when you finally begin the rafting experience, and you might even be tempted to think, “Oh, this is much easier than I thought it would be!”.

But please be cautioned!

The feeling soon turns into sheer exhilaration as your flimsy raft begins to approach the rapids. As each rapid interspersed with calmer stretches are cleared, you will get to truly appreciate the raw power of nature and the futility of our miniscule existence.

Assess Your Survival Skills in the Wilderness

Do you have it in you to brave the brute force of nature if there is ever a need to survive against all odds?

Do you have nerves of steel or not?

5 Kali river rafting is a great way to test yourself.

Experienced adrenaline junkies (read regular white-water rafters) will vouch for this fact: no two rafting experiences are the same.

The variety of nuances are too many to predict, and even before you know it, you may be faced with a capsized raft, or a rafting mate who lost their balance and drifted away, or just any other exigency, for that matter.

The moment of truth is too overwhelming for many, but a great learning experience nevertheless. Overall, you are sure to be left wanting for more!

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